After two albums on Wild Records as The Terrorsaurs 2014/2015, El Guapo and T.T.Shaker  mutated into


 and moved onto surf label Sharawaji Records. The primordial zombie soup fleshed out by the feral bass grooves of BAMALAM, the demonic guitar twang of The Reverend Tonto, and new drummer King Fuzzo, hitting those drums like they owe him money!


7" "Surf Bomb"/"Loco Dinosaurio", came out in 2016 on KILLJOY RECORDS buy it here.

2016 also saw the CD album "ZOMBOID SURF ATTACK" come out on Sharawaji Records

followed in 2018 by "MUTANT SURFIN' TRASH" on purple splatter vinyl and CD.

Out now - Split 10" smoked green vinyl "TERRORALIEN" with Surf Aliens.

New for 2023... new Terrorsurfs full length album... CD vinyl and download

“The Terrorsurfs rip out works of beauty and psychedelic vibrancy while also being provocative and sharp as a jagged and bloodied surf board’s edge. In the realms of surf-driven garage rock, The Terrorsurfs are among the best to check out. These cats remain electrifying with each song they play” -

Nick Kuzmack - SLUG Magazine


March 2023 - "From The Jaws Of Hell" album CD/vinyl

Jan 2023 - "Terroralien" split 10" smoked green vinyl with Surf Aliens

Nov 2021 - "The Gospel" mini-album CD/download - Sharawaji Records

March 2018 - "Mutant Surfin Trash" album CD/Vinyl - Sharawaji Records

Nov 2016 "Zomboid Surf Attack" CD album - Sharawaji Records

June 2016 "Surf Bomb" 7" - pink or purple or turquoise or black vinyl Killjoy Records

See discography page for compilations etc.

September 2015 - "Schlocka Rolla" 7" - Dig The Fuzz Records (as The Terrorsaurs)

June 2015 -  "Zillasaur" 7" - Dig The Fuzz Records (as The Terrorsaurs)

May 2015 "Atomic Lizard Party" CD Album - Wild Records (as The Terrorsaurs)

April 2014 "Schlock Singles" CD Album - Wild Records (as The Terrorsaurs)


These are the ONLY Terrorsurfs/Terrorsaurs recordings we play on. All other Terrorsaurs recordings are a new line-up that features original bass player King Fink.

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