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Surf Bomb

Loco Dinosaurio

Excellent powersurf with catchy as fuck guitar which to my ears is equal parts surf-twang and groovy garage goodness rolled into one. Flip her over and we have the more complex Loco Dinosaurio which is another winner. Fine craftsmanship with more of that plectrum pounding surf with a twist of spaghetti western.

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The Terrorsurfs - Surf Bomb’/’Loco Dinosaurio’ (Killjoy Records)


The Terrorsurfs are a UK band not to be confused with the Terrosaurs  'Surf Bomb' totally owes its soul to The Cramps and other past masters of this surf punk garage ilk. It sounds huge! Even if the lyrics amount to a ‘Surffffffin’ Bird’ style “Surf Bomb” every now and then that's cool with me as is the no sleeve jukebox big hole set up.

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It’s a sound so wonderfully savage that it serves to excite and get the knickers wet. The Terrorsurfs continue on with this legacy and do not fail in delivering an energy meant for some sensational fun. This is rebel music through and through.  –Nick Kuzmack

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Really the feeling of the beach, ocean and Hawaiian shirts. I get one of those fancy colorful cocktails with umbrellas in it. The music of the English, who raushauen with this disc its first publication is absolutely danceable. Fans of such sounds (Rock 'n' Roller, Psycho Billy etc.) will certainly have their pleasure.  Mark - click here for webpage

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This stuff has a menacing edge to it. The three lads have combined their talents to produce an album that has quality stamped all over it in every respect. They really do put the power in to power surf. Their stage presence also matches the sounds emanating from their speakers to a tee.

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" Loco Dinosaurio " suggests introducing a bit of madness in this LP - which in addition to its universe, is a surf album rather classic. " King Twang " confirms the trend, crazy camp, Braindead's finally here, the Terrorsurfs are incisive. " Drive Them Beasts Hard " also for it to be black, a sort of Planet Terror for fans of the genre surf - psychobilly.

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Sharawaji Records

Street: 11.21.2016

The Terrorsurfs = Dick Dale + The Cramps + The Phantom Surfers

The Terrorsurfs are the bastard offspring of surfs meets mutant rock n’ roll meets Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns, and they are as diabolical as that sounds. Theirs is music of possession, grabbing ahold of the unwary listener’s soul. This record will cast one under its spell.

As expected, The Terrorsurfs are stunning in their subtle instrumental assault on the senses.  This is not much of a surprise, given the sneak peek into their powers of mutant persuasion via their 7” single released last year.  The same kind of ferocity is found on this album.

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The terrorist surfers adapt Trash-B horror movie sound files and psychedelic surf with twang and garages impact.

To the sound had Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace dancing in Pulp Fiction. Surf'n twang, sixties beat and garage punk. In this Moloch of Party, Horror Show and Trash Movies. Spooky and weird!

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Review of Surf Bomb 7" on Storm Surge of Reverb

If you're getting confused with the Terrorsaurs who released "Atomic Lizard Party" last year, that's fine and perhaps even intentional, as the Terrorsurfs were formed by the (original) guitarist and drummer of the Terrorsaurs. This is a welcome more-of-the-same with big ol' ballsy guitar and punchy drums and bass playing aggressive surf. You can give it a listen/purchase through bandcamp or grab a 7" from Killjoy records.

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Terror Surfs: Surf Bomb / Loco Dinosaurio

Punk is now 40 years old and also from time to time in fashion. As recently as 20 years until retirement. Time for retro. Something else: Maybe yes is the surf music again. Here are ever 2 songs from an unfamiliar band. Correct audible as instrumental plus danceable. Can you listen times. Limited to 7 "vinyl. This is great for the collector's heart.

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Translated from German by Google

The single contains two songs that go forward properly. Musically is offered a cool mix of surf, spaghetti westerns and garage. Power mood! The songs would fit perfectly in every Trash Movie!

Killjoy Records has called into life with buzzkill 45 Series in any case something really cool, worthy of support!

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Review of Surf Bomb 7" on Die Psychocouch

Twang with a bang – THE TERRORSURFS reveal the raw charm of british shores on their „Surf Bomb“ 7ʿʿ

To be honest, I am a bit confused. Why does the info coming along with the first 7‘‘ by THE TERRORSURFS emphasize that they have nothing to do with the TERRORSAURS? I am not the All-knowing Trash Heap, but as far as i know, the Ex-Saurs El Guapo (guitar), and T.T. Shaker (drums) are playing in this band.

Pumping bass and RockʿnʿRoll drumming. Loads of raw spring reverb (with springs themselves included as a percussive sound element),  „Surf Bomb“ kicks ass, when guitar and bass play the nervous main theme (partly parallel) over the heavy beat of the floor tom.The two minutes are over almost to soon.

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Review of Zomboid Surf Attack album from Underdog zine

Classic surf music with trash and twang. Tarantino will be happy because songs such as "Schlock Wave" could also be a narrative element from one of his films. And who knows, maybe he already has a record in his large disk collection that fills an entire room. TERRORSURFS move in the haze of 60's surf rock music with cool twang sounds. Terrorsurf's strength is the unmistakable twang guitar sound, which in the 60's has shaped hardly any other sound surf rock, rockabilly and Italo-Western click here for webpage

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