We used to play in The Terrorsaurs, here's the promo for the 2nd and last album we played on,

Atomic Lizard Party from 2014.


March 2018 "Mutant Surfin Trash" CD - digital - and purple splatter VINYL!!!! - Sharawaji Records

Nov 2016 "Zomboid Surf Attack" CD album - The Terrorsurfs - Sharawaji Records

June 2016 "Surf Bomb" 7" - The Terrorsurfs - pink or purple or turquoise or black vinyl - Killjoy Records


2020 "Spit Roast" features on CD with issue 29 of The Continental Magazine.

2020 "Santa Muerte" features on "Surfin' Kitty Xmas" CD/download

2020 "Horror Face" features on "Waterloo Music Bar - Locked In The Dressing Room" Orange vinyl and CD

2019 "Methro Skull" features on "Surf Britannia" CD

2018 "Ape Cape" features on CD with issue 25 of The Continental magazine.

2017 "The Spy Who Surfed Me" features on the "Monstroville Haunted Beach Party" CD on Headless Spectre Records

September 2015 "Schlocka Rolla" 7" - Dig The Fuzz Records (as The Terrorsaurs)

June 2015 "Zillasaur" 7" - Dig The Fuzz Records (as The Terrorsaurs)

May 2015 "Atomic Lizard Party" CD Album - Wild Records (as The Terrorsaurs)

April 2014 "Schlock Singles" CD Album - Wild Records (as The Terrorsaurs)

These are the ONLY Terrorsurfs/Terrorsaurs recordings we play on. All other Terrorsaurs recordings are a new line-up that features The Terrorsaurs bass player.

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