savage guitar driven surf twang-o-rama

After leaving the Terrorsaurs in 2015, El Guapo (The Terrorsaurs' original guitar sound) and T.T.Shaker (the original drum monster) mutated into "THE TERRORSURFS"

the primordial rhythms beefed up by the feral bass grooves of BAMALAM, and the unholy guitar twang of The Reverend Tonto.


7" "Surf Bomb"/"Loco Dinosaurio", is out now on KILLJOY RECORDS buy it in our shop or direct from the label.


Digipak CD album "ZOMBOID SURF ATTACK" out now on Sharawaji Records.


New album on Sharawaji Records coming December 2017.


"Savage guitar driven surf twang-o-rama.....a sonic guttural force with hi energy garage grooves."

Real surf music with real instruments,

spring reverb, bendy guitars and tremolo-o-o-o



Nov 2016 "Zomboid Surf Attack" CD album - The Terrorsurfs - Sharawaji Records

June 2016 "Surf Bomb" 7" - The Terrorsurfs - pink or purple or turquoise or black vinyl Killjoy Records


November 2015 "Zillasaur" download only album - compilation of singles and rare tracks (as The Terrorsaurs)

September 2015 "Schlocka Rolla" 7" - Dig The Fuzz Records (as The Terrorsaurs)

June 2015 "Zillasaur" 7" - Dig The Fuzz Records (as The Terrorsaurs)

May 2015 "Atomic Lizard Party" CD Album - Wild Records (as The Terrorsaurs)

April 2014 "Schlock Singles" CD Album - Wild Records (as The Terrorsaurs)


These are the ONLY Terrorsurfs/Terrorsaurs recordings we play on. All other Terrorsaurs recordings are a new line-up that features original bass player King Fink.

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